Everybody is talking about Mob Adjacent: A Family Memoir.

I cannot recommend [Mob Adjacent] more if you're interested in the history of the Chicago Outfit in Chicago.

John Records Landecker
WGN Radio 720

A fascinating book…a fascinating read. Mob Adjacent will open your eyes. The stories are true and genuine and heartfelt, and there’s a real honesty in this book.

Rick Kogan
“After Hours,” WGN Radio 720

This is my kind of Chicago story. You cannot put it down. You want a Netflix series, this is it.

Roe Conn
WGN Radio 720

I love this book. A fascinating account. You’ve got to read this book before the movie.

John Kas
The Chicago Way, WGN Radio

Normally we can experience organized crime from a safe distance, from the page or screen – for the Gentile brothers, the action was right before their childhood eyes.

Larry Potash
Mob Adjacent: A Family Memoir
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